Oh, hey friend!

You have arrived at the blog of a lover. A lover of words. A lover of life, hope, and grace. A lover of this wild mess of a world we live in.

I’m pretty sure this page is supposed to tell you something about me, something that gives you— the reader— a little peek into my life. No pressure there. Yikes. Well then. My life is this gorgeous mess of trying to walk with Jesus, trying to be a loving wife to my totally-don’t-deserve-him husband, trying to be the best kind of sister/daughter/aunt/friend, trying to challenge students that stories are meaningful reflections of our lives, trying to eat cheese until I can no longer stand the sight of dairy, trying to exercise so that aforementioned cheese doesn’t destroy my insides, and all the while, trying to do one of my very favorite things: share stories of meaningful and fearless love.

True confessions— it’s been a scary thing for me to write about my own messy world full of the best kind of love, but here I am taking the plunge.

I hope these words find you well and find you wanting to find love in the mess.

Thanks for reading, y’all.